Member Benefits

The Automotive Recyclers Association and the Ohio Auto and Truck Recyclers Association are deeply committed to meeting the needs of the membership and elevating the professional automotive recycling industry. We welcome you to take a few minutes and read more about what great benefits these memberships have to offer you.

OATRA Benefits

The Ohio Auto and Truck Recyclers Association is the only state association which:
1) lobbies government on your behalf and helps you with regulatory compliance; 2) builds productivity, profitability and effectiveness in your operations; 3) saves you money through practical programs designed for members; 4) creates opportunities and environments for you to make industry contacts; and 5) provides essential communication and information links.

Additional benefits include cost saving programs designed specifically for OATRA members. These programs include a package which can save members thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in insurance premiums per year, a telecommunications package containing discounted long-distance rates, and a money-saving workmen’s compensation group offering extremely competitive rates.

Each year, the association brings members and advertisers together at the annual convention and trade show. This provides an opportunity to share ideas among members and experience the latest products and services available from our trade show participants. The information obtained and business relations formed from this weekend gathering often becomes the greatest benefit of all.

Become a member and help set the standards for Ohio recyclers. Experience the peace of mind that comes with being an OATRA member. Do your part to guarantee the stability of our industry for the future and for the stability of your business today!

ARA Member Benefits

Established in 1943, the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) is the only international trade association representing an industry dedicated to the efficient removal and reuse of automotive parts, and the safe disposal of inoperable motor vehicles.  ARA is dedicated to protecting and promoting the professional automotive recycling industry, and to helping our members grow their businesses by protecting interests, expanding opportunities, and working to increase profitability. ARA offers a number of tools to help translate potential into performance. Tools such as an exclusive online marketplace with discounted business service providers, the industry-recognized Certified Automotive Recycler (CAR) and Gold Seal programs, industry networking opportunities, and timely newsletters that include up-to-date industry news, trends, leader profiles, and other topical items.  Many of these benefits are passed on to affiliated chapters of ARA for excusive use by their membership.  For more information on joining ARA, please click here or visit the Store section of this website.